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Why Serve Coffee Only In Compostable Coffee Cups?

Plastic cups to drink coffee are used so extensively across the world that they pose an environmental disaster. Realization of this fact has increased the demand for compostable coffee cups. More people now demand their coffee in these eco-friendly cups. Such cups are completely heat stable and do not have any problem with strength or performance. The products are made with non-toxic, petroleum-free, and eco-friendly materials.

The impermeable cups meet the specifications needed to serve hot liquid. The biodegradable cup does not wilt, crumple, or crumble under the heat, weight, and pressure of the liquid coffee. It is made mainly with plant fiber but has a plastic lining as well. This plastic lining is made of biodegradable and natural plastic compounds. Users can hold the cup safely in their hands without burning their fingers if they use the right type of biodegradable cup. A compostable cup degrades easily once it enters the landfill and undergoes the composting process.

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