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What Does A PVC Look Like On An ECG?

A PVC, or premature ventricular contraction, is a type of arrhythmia that can be seen on an ECG. It is characterized by a sudden burst of electrical activity in the ventricles of the heart. This can cause the heart to beat abnormally fast or even irregularly.

What does a PVC look like on an ECG?
PVCs can vary in appearance on an ECG, but they typically appear as a sharp, tall wave that occurs before the normal QRS complex. This is because the electrical activity in the ventricles is happening too early.
PVCs are usually benign and do not cause any symptoms. However, if you experience frequent PVCs, it is important to talk to your doctor as it could be a sign of an underlying heart condition.

If you have been diagnosed with PVCs, there are some lifestyle changes that can help reduce their frequency. These include quitting smoking, reducing stress, and exercising regularly. You should also avoid caffeine and alcohol as these can trigger PVCs.
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