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Audiometry Baseline Testing: Everything You Need To Know

Audiometry baseline testing is a process by which a patient’s hearing is assessed prior to any treatment or therapy. This is an essential step as it allows doctors and audiologists to track the progress of any treatment and ensure that it is effective.
Audiometry baseline testing Beenleigh is a painless and non-invasive procedure to establish a “baseline” hearing threshold level. This test is essential for two reasons: first, it can help identify any potential hearing loss that may have occurred since your last Audiometry test, and second, it can help determine the best course of treatment for patients who experience hearing loss.
Patients will be asked to sit in a soundproof booth and wear headphones during testing. A series of tones of varying frequencies and intensities will be played through the headphones, and patients will be asked to indicate when they can hear the tone. The Audiologist will then use this information to establish a “baseline” hearing threshold level.
Audiometry Baseline Testing is an important test that can help to identify any potential hearing loss. If you think you may have a hearing problem, talk to your Audiologist about getting tested.

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