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The Use Of Epson Scanners

Epson Scanners offer the user direct scanning to printing or saving in the hard drive for later use. The software program that saves gives you options for where to save the document. You can save it as a JPEG, PDF, XPS, OPEN XPS, Bitmap, or TIFF. Also, you have resolution options as well. You can choose to have anywhere from 100 dots per inch (DPI) on up to 2400 DPIs at 100 DPI increments.


With all the variations you can select to scan images, the user has a lot of leeway. The Epson will also allow you to preview your scanned image. This preview gives you the opportunity to adjust the placement of the image on the scanner screen if using the face plate. If using the feeder to insert the image, the scan will reflect the traditional placement of an image.

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