The Benefits Of The Carbon Fibre Mercedes

The Mercedes Benz is one of the finest products out of Stuttgart, Germany. While many of its parts are made in countries all around the world, Argentina, the U.S., Mexico, Austria, Brazil, and Mexico for a total of 22 countries, its development and production was initially finalized in Germany. It like other vehicles has undergone a continued evolution since the first Mercedes in 1926.

Since its first vehicle, Mercedes Benz has continued to modernize. Now, it uses carbon fibre parts for much of its chassis and some of its engine. It has a carbon fiber drive shaft, propeller drive, roof spoilers, trunk spoilers, mirror covers, front lips, rear diffusers, and interior pieces.

All these elements are made of carbon fibre for number of reasons. Carbon fibre was originally discovered by Thomas Edison. He used filaments made of carbon fibre as filaments for light bulbs for their ability to tolerate heat. In the late 1050’s the intense tensile strength of carbon fibre was discovered. Other facts that were added to the benefits of carbon fibre were its resistance to stretching and its light weight.

All its benefits influence automakers and one of the most influential factors was the reduction in manufacturing cost when using carbon fibre instead of steel. The cost was reduced by 80% because there was less tooling, assembly and joining with less steel. Most importantly, the car parts were stronger, more resistant to expansion, lighter in weight resulting in better handling, and more durable.

The carbon fibre Mercedes takes the German car to new and greater heights of engineering. Today, the Mercedes Benz is far lighter, faster, and handles with greater ease due to the addition of many carbon fibre parts. You may have noticed the high cost of a Mercedes and wonder why it did not get less expensive with the introduction of carbon fibre instead of steel? Carbon fibre is expensive to produce because of its production, handling, cutting and storage needs.

Over the years, carbon fibre has not gotten any less expensive to produce, but more uses are being exposed. So, as the world employs carbon fibre increasingly, its production methods remain the same and so does the cost. One of those uses is in producing the carbon fibre Mercedes and its customers are reaping the benefits. Their cars will be more durable, last longer under more extreme conditions and remain functional with greater handling capacity.

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