Buying A Golf MK7 Spoiler

Use Golf MK7 spoiler to give your car a unique and stylish look. Manufactured from high quality real carbon fibre twill, it has high glossy finish. A clear glossy coat has been given to protect it from the harsh elements. The distinct look is clearly visible from top, rear and side of the car. This spoiler can be placed on the original one, eliminating the need to modify any existing bodywork. The installation is easy and takes only five minutes to install it.

The ABS spoiler cap can be found in carbon, gloss and textured surface structure. Only the outer side has surface structure cover. The inner side is in matte finish. A protective film has been applied to secure the carbon structure and gloss. Additionally, a UV protective coating has been applied to protect it from the UV rays. There is no need to paint it but if you want to apply paint, first apply a primer. Once the primer layer is dried, you can apply the paint. Check other specifications and call if you have any question.

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