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How to Induce Intense Orgasm in Your Sub

Do you want to give your sub an extremely strong orgasm as a reward for being so good? I’ll explain some techniques and offer a brief overview of how I would run a simple BDSM scene using all of these aspects in this guide for a dominant guy in a D/s relationship with a submissive woman.

One method to induce intense orgasm is to put your sub in a well, submissive position. If they want that dynamic, then every situation in which the power dynamic is in your favor and they are not in control is beneficial.

Anticipation is another factor that contributes to sexual pleasure. You know how you feel when you’re fully clothed yet know you’ll have sex later that evening but have to wait? That’s the vibe you’re going for with your sub.

She knows she’ll have a strong orgasm at some time, but she has no idea when or how you’ll give it to her.

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