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The Daily things a Sub can do for her Dom?

Communication is essential in any relationship, but it is necessary in a DS connection. People in the relationship, whether dom or Sub, must be able to talk honestly and freely about their desires, concerns, hopes, and puppy play, as well as anxieties and triggers…

The Sub must:

  1. Prepare Dom’s food when it is ordered.
  2. If anything, wear what has been recommended .
  3. Kneel in front of Dom and, as needed, present him with food, tea, or whatever else.
  4. Kneel in front of Dom and ask for any directives, such as housework.
  5. Keep an eye on the Dom and make sure he’s doing okay.

And a slew of other little details within these and other duties. However, it is absolutely up to you, your relationship, and what you agree on. The importance of communication, consent, and comfort cannot be overstated.


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