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How To Check AFC Count

Female reproductive system has around 1-2 million oocytes(eggs) at the time of birth. Till a girl reaches the age of puberty, around 300000 of eggs are left out of which one mature egg gets released from the ovary each month during a menstrual cycle. In some cases, when there is difficulty for women to conceive. Artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization methods are used to conceive then. The success rate of these methods depends on the ovarian reserves( total number of follicles containing eggs in both the ovaries). This is called AFC(Antral follicle count). Here you will get to know “how to check AFC count“:
At the clinic the doctor or ultrasound technician inserts a probe into the vagina. The probe is moved as per the requirement and follicles of both ovaries are counted from the screen of ultrasound machine. The doctor or technician notes down the AFC. Higher the number of follicles, greater are the chances of success of In vitro fertilization or artificial insemination. A lower count means weaker fertility and there are chances of failure of IVF.

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