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Natural Remedies For Dry Skin That Works

Natural remedies for dry skin treat dry, itchy skin that you have always been looking for. The skin naturally produces sebum, a lubricant meant to guard the skin from external moisture loss. Because of various external circumstances, sebum production may not be as effective as it should be, resulting in extremely dry, itchy skin. The use of creams and lotions, while they may moisturize the skin, does so only to a certain extent, a certain degree of artificial and unhealthy.

A good cleanser is one of the best natural remedies for dry, itchy skin and acne-prone areas. A simple milk compress (make sure it is not oily or scented) is used on the area to cleanse it, then left to dry. Next, apply an exfoliating cream or gel (preferably without fragrances) to the area, and then wrap it in a cloth to absorb excess moisture. Lastly, use a good moisturizer, preferably one that contains antioxidants (such as vitamin A) to maintain moisture within the skin’s cells.

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