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How Shoulder Physio Helps In Reducing Shoulder Pain

Physiotherapy has been a blessing to provide relief from muscular strains, stiffness in joints, spinal disorders, chronic back pain etc. It reduces pain by stretching, mobilizing and exercise enabling proper functioning of tissues around the joint.

Shoulder physio is capable of reducing most of the shoulder pains.The shoulder pain is often caused by the mechanical issues ie. restrictions on free movements of shoulder rather than structural issues ie. deformailities in internal structure of the shoulder joints. It can therefore efficiently cured by various processes under physiotherapy ie. heat, ice packs, exercises, soft tissue massages and joint mobilization. The physiotherapist recommends special exercises to be done by the patient at clinic as well as home. The main exercises to improve shoulder movement and reduce pain are:

-Chest expansion.
-Eagle arm spinal rolls.
-Across the chest stretch.
-Shoulder circles.
-Child’s pose.
-Downward door pose.

The innovative and adaptable exercises must be done under supervision of a registered physiotherapist only. With proper guidance and regular sessions of Physiotherapy, shoulder pain caused due to strains, frozen shoulder, osteoarthritis and rotator cuff can be reduced to allow free and painless movements.

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