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Love Tea is the leading manufacturer of almost all kind of tea flavours. It was founded by Emma Watson and Damian Amose in the year 2004 in Melbourne Australia. Both underwent their education in Naturopathy and have been researching on herbs, organic and aromatic spices. Based on these refined researches, 12 new blends of flavoured tea were added in the company in the year 2012.
The main idea behind the innovation of Love Tea beverages was to provide unique solution for health and flavour. The processing, packaging and delivery operations of the tea packages are undertaken with utmost hygiene friendly orientation. The Love Tea brand is Organic as well as Fair Trade Certified.
The main delicacies of this tea brand are Chai Tea, Herbal Tea, Wellness Tea, Pregnancy Tea, Breastfeeding Tea, Morning Wellness Loose Leaf Tea and many more. Flavoured varities of lemongrass, pippermint, chamomile, leuquorice are also available. All the flavours of tea provide recreational experience, health benefits like improved blood circulation, better digestion, weight control and relaxation to stressed nerves. In Australia, all the orders above $65 are enabled with free shipping. For less than $65 the charges are approximately $8.95+ GST.

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