Finding the Right Replacement Sump Pump

A sump pump is a rare machine used at home. Not everyone needs a sum pump. This equipment is useful to those with a wet basement. For the case of a submersible pump, you fit it under the basement to pump out all the water that collects in the sump basin.

If your house floods, you need to buy a portable pump or a submersible sump pump. There are different varieties of sump pumps in the market, which makes buying a bit challenging. This article highlights some factors you should consider when shopping or replacing your sump pump today.

Which is the right model for your sump pit?

In case your sump pump is worn out, you should consider replacing it with the exact model or something better than that. There are two types of sump pumps you can shop for your house.

Submersible pump: These are sump pumps that you fit below the water level to collect and discharge the water. They are more invisible, stable, and quiet. They are also durable and come with up to three decades of life service.

Pedestal pumps are the traditional types of sump pumps. You fit this type of sump pump above the ground to draw all the water in the basement. This type of sump does last longer than submersible sump pumps.

Choosing the right type of sump pump for your house will depend on your budget and the sump pit construction. Submersible sump pumps are costly compared to pedestal sump pumps.

Check the capacity 

You should also check the sump pump capacity and head height when replacing it. In most cases, the sump pump capacity comes in gallons per hour.

Head height is the discharge pipe’s vertical height, which takes excess water in the sump pit and discharges it outdoors. The sump pipe should come with a comparison chat between the head height and the discharge pipe. You can always extend the discharge pipe depending on the sump pit design.

Type of switch 

A switch is a very useful component of a sump pump because it signals the motor to start and stop. If the switch goes down, your sump pump is useless. Therefore, you should go for sump pumps with the best switches.

There are different types of switches, such as float, electronic and diaphragm. Electronic switches are the best because they have few moving parts and use an electronic sensor to measure the water level.

Other factors

When replacing your sump pump, you can consider other factors like:

  • Have a backup sump pump in place if you reside in places that face power shortage. A water-power sump pump is the best in this case.
  • Ensure the material used on the sump pump does not rust easily.
  • The sump pump should come with longer cords to reach the outlet because you cannot use extension cords on the equipment.
  • Take your sump pit measurements when shopping for a sump pump. Ensure the sump pump you are shopping for fist well on the sump pit.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best sump pump for your home basement should not be that difficult if you have this checklist by your side. Always consider the model, material, and design of the sump pipe before you bring it home. It should fit well in your sump pit to keep your house dry even during the winter.

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