How Much Will a Combi Boiler Save Me?

Combi boilers are the most popular kind of boiler and can be found in many homes. This is due to the many positive benefits they have over older boilers. In this guide I will go through if you need to replace your old boiler, what a combi boiler is, how they work, pros and cons and how much money they could save you.

Do I need to replace my boiler?

When it comes to replacing your old boiler, there are a few tell-tale signs that could be time to purchase a new boiler. However, if you have any of the signs below it is still best to call out a gas safe engineer to look at your boiler to give a professional verdict.

Your heating is cutting out

If you have found that your boiler is cutting out and deciding not to work every few weeks or even more frequently at a couple of times a week, it is time to get a new boiler. Not only are you being left without your heating and hot water but the cost of repairs and hiring an engineer will soon add up too. So, replacing your old boiler here will save you money in the long run.

Your boiler is leaking

If you have found that you are having to mop up leaks around your boiler then it is more than likely there is a faulty part. Again, it is best to call out a gas safe engineer that will be able to give you a quote on the cost of the part and fixing your boiler. He will also be able to give you a quote on a new boiler, which may end up being cheaper than the part and repair costs.

Your boiler or radiators keep making strange noises

While it is natural for heating systems to make strange noises, especially your radiators when they may need bleeding, there are noises such as banging and gurgling that are not normal. If you start hearing these noises, it is best to call an engineer to look at your heating system.

What is a combi boiler?

Combi boilers, or combination boilers, are a small and compact boiler that provides your home with both your hot water and heating in one system. Unlike a conventional or system boiler, they do not require a place to store a hot water tank. This is due to the water being heated directly from your mains water supply. This means that you are getting instant hot water from your mains. It also means that you do not need a huge area to store your combi boiler, so if you are tight on space this is another bonus.

How a combi boiler works

A combi boiler works by instantly heating the water from your mains supply as and when you need it. Therefore, they require a lot less space than a system or conventional boiler as there is no need for a hot water tank.

Pros and cons of combi boilers

While there are many pros to combi boilers there are also cons which may mean the boiler is not for you.


  • You save space – combi boilers are very compact boilers thanks to not needing a hot water tank. Meaning they can be placed in a small and compact area such as an airing cupboard.
  • Get hot water straight away – hot water on demand means that there is no need to wait for a tank to fill with hot water straight after someone has had a shower.
  • More energy efficient – because you do not have to fill a hot water tank you are not constantly heating water up around the clock, meaning that your boiler is running less which saves you money.


  • They cannot supply large houses – the major drawback of a combi boiler is the number of bathrooms it can supply with water. If you live in a large house with multiple bathrooms a combi boiler will not be for you as it can only provide hot water to one shower at a time.
  • Strong water pressure is needed – if your area has weak mains water pressure then a combi boiler would not be for you as they rely on the mains pressure to move hot water around your home. There are many guides on the net to work out your local water pressure. However, it may be as simple as calling your local water company to check with them.
  • No power shower – you often cannot have a power shower with a combi boiler due to the water pressure being set by the mains water.

How much you could save

Overall, you want to know how much you can save with a combi boiler. This comes down to a few factors such as how old your current boiler is, how much your new boiler is going to cost you and what kind of property you are currently living in. However, on average you could be saving up to 30% on your current energy bill. While this may only be as little as £50 a year or as much as £300 a year, you are still saving money!

Overall a combi boiler is best for you if you are currently living in a home with one bathroom and have a boiler that is constantly breaking down and needs replacing!

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