Facial Scar Treatment Options You May Consider

Facial scar treatment can help to restore a smooth and even tone to the skin by completely removing or significantly reducing scar tissue. Facial scars are frustrating since they are just about impossible to cover or hide. This is especially true for people who had certain accidents or were born with certain facial characteristics that make them look older than their actual age.

An excellent example of a facial scar treatment would be a facelift. The surgeon will use lasers, fillers, and other tools to change the skin on the front of your face to look younger. However, some scars on the face can’t be changed. In this case, the best solution would be a facelift combined with collagen injections. This will allow you to look young again while eliminating your acne and another scarring without surgery. Another type of facial scar treatment includes “pleurectomy” surgery. This process removes the wrinkles by cutting away the surrounding tissue where the scars are located.

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