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Daiwa Massage For Feet

Daiwa is one of the leading manufacturers of massage equipment and supplies, and they are well known for giving excellent service to both customers and spa customers. They manufacture many products such as body wraps, foot scrubs, hand scrubs, reflexology charts, foot reflexology charts, to name a few, and any type of professional masseur can use these products. They are very popular with spa customers, as they have a large variety of Daiwa Massage products that will fit any kind of budget. It is no wonder that they have a steady growth in the industry.

Daiwa has been manufacturing and delivering Massage equipment and supplies to salons. One of their most popular massage products is their handheld Vibrating Foot Spa Massager. The handheld massaging unit also comes with hand-washable pads and a foot massager brush. The massaging pads have an adhesive strip at the bottom to make it easy for you to wipe them off after each use. And you will love the feel of having soft feet all day long.

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