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Features Of A Body Massage Chair

Enjoy professional level relief of aches and pains in the comfort of your own home with Body Massage Chair. It features a full body massage capability to provide complete relief of sore muscles, bones, and tendons. This massager is designed with a flexible footrest and has two massage modes. In Therapeutic Mode, it helps to stretch out stiff and tired muscles.

If you have sore necks or shoulders, the massage chair typically offers two massage modes: Concentrating and Reiki. The Concentrating massage mode works to relax the back’s larger muscles, while the Reiki massages the deeper layers of muscle to soothe tension. This massaging chair gives you maximum circulation of blood and oxygen to all areas of the body. This ensures a strong immune system and a healthy mind and body. Also, unlike other chairs, these chairs have an automatic shut off timer that allows you to enjoy a comfortable nap during a therapeutic massage.

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