The value of a used Android device will depend on its current market demand and condition. Android buy back companies may publish their offers for various models. Compare them to see where you might get the best deal. Just remember that your device will still have to go under evaluation to determine the final offer. Any issue can reduce its value and may even be a cause for rejection. Below are some of the things that will inspectors will be keen to check:

Device Authenticity and Status

You might be asked to fill up a form that states the basic attributes of the device including manufacturer, model number, and other identifying marks. They will check if the device is authentic which is necessary given the proliferation of cheap knock-offs in the mobile arena. The status of the device may also be verified. It should be your own phone and not something that was lost or stolen. You might show them your receipt from a respected store to put their minds at ease.

Visible Surface Damage

They will then proceed to check for any visible surface damage on the phone. This is fair since most end-users will want a device that is blemish-free, or at least presentable. There should be no cracks on the screen. If there are any scratches, then these should be minimal. This is particularly important for the glass around the cameras. The same goes for dents and chips, especially on the corners of the phone. All of these can be avoided with the use of a suitable phone case.

Water Damage and Battery Life

Some phones might appear to look alright but they are suffering from corrosion inside due to water damage. Maybe the unit fell into a pool, a sink, a puddle, or a beach. Water damage can lead to a fast-draining battery so they will check this as well. If your unit did not suffer from water damage, then you shouldn’t have to worry about this.

Functionality Testing

They will also conduct routine functionality testing to make sure that the device is fully operational. They will want to check that the touchscreen is responsive to gestures and that the camera can capture good images. They will see whether the WiFi module is able to detect and connect to networks.

If you unit passes all of these tests, then you are going to get a good offer from the store.

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