A Brief Look At Samsung Singapore

The Samsung Singapore Group, one of the leading multinational companies and one of the biggest conglomerates globally, is making a beeline for Singapore as it expands its operations in the country. The company is particularly looking to invest in technology and manufacturing facilities in the country, especially in mobile phones, where the company holds a significant share of the market. It is, however, yet to make any permanent plans as yet and is yet to release any details on its Singaporean counterparts.

However, the prospect of having the company expand its roots in Singapore and set up new manufacturing plants in the country is looked upon as a positive move by the government. It is seen as a vote of confidence in the country’s economy. The company’s purchase of the Sogenix corporation, one of the top three mobile operating systems globally, is also seen as an investment in the future of the nation. The Sogenix brand has been around for years and is widely popular among young users in their teens and the younger generation in particular. Therefore, the purchase of the brand by Samsung will have a very positive effect on the country’s economy.

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