Why Brand Matters When Buying An Android TV Box

A quick online search will reveal countless options if you are looking for an Android TV box. This is great for consumers since they can surely find one that fits their needs and their budget. Just remember that there is great variation among all of these products. You need to study your options so that you can pick the right one for you. Don’t just go for the lowest prices or incredible promises. Delve deeper to uncover the pros and cons behind each of these. Do not disregard the brand. You will see a lot of names that are unfamiliar, mostly by foreign manufacturers. Their products might be enticing but just keep the following in mind:

Not All Boxes Have a 4K License

Are you keen on watching movies in 4K? It would certainly be thrilling to see incredible cinematography with such great detail. Full HD would look fuzzy in comparison. Maybe you bought a 4K TV just for this purpose. Then you should make sure that the Android TV box you’ll be buying is capable of delivering the goods. Unfortunately, not every box has this ability. Even if they have powerful specifications, they might not have the 4K license from the streaming sites that is needed to unlock the service. You will still be able to view content at 1080p but that might be a letdown for some.

Not All Brands Offer Aftersales Support

More importantly, not all brands offer aftersales support. They are happy to sell you their boxes but they are not interested in taking care of you as a customer after that. If you run into any trouble, then you are all alone to figure out what to do. Some sellers will provide return options but this is only valid for a limited period. Beyond that, you cannot expect more if you encounter an error, a nonresponsive device, or some other issue. Meanwhile, big brands are keen to protect to their name and keep their customers loyal. They are more likely to offer good aftersales service.

Not All Brands Can About User Experience

A lot of smaller manufacturers are keen on making sales and moving on. They produce so-so devices that do the basics but they are not focused on weeding out the problems. You are likely to run into bugs such as system slowdowns, sudden restarts, long boot-up times, and more. There may even be security issues. If a known brand were to learn about these, then they might instruct their engineers to develop fixes and push out firmware updates to correct them. They could even roll out new features.

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