When should Bucks party take place?

Organizing a buck party is one of the greatest things you can give your soon-to-married friend. But here is what you need to know… The buck will probably prefer to plan the Bucks party one or two weeks before the wedding because it will provide a respite from some of the last-minute wedding stress.

It also means that the events of that evening will be fresh in the guests’ memories leading to the wedding day. But, of course, if the guys aren’t available at that time, you can wait until a month or two before the wedding.

If you want to throw a surprise bucks party for the groom, you can do so up to four months before the wedding, when he won’t expect it. If the buck’s buddies are all overseas but will be coming in for the wedding, ask if you can throw a bucks party few nights before the wedding day. This will give him a whole day to recover.

Knowing when to hold the bucks party can make or mar the D-day.

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