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What To Consider For Plant Delivery In Melbourne: 3 Tips

Plant gift delivery melbourne is a beautiful way to send plant gifts to people who live in Melbourne. Not only will they appreciate the plant, but you can show them that you care about their well-being and happiness. Here are three tips for plant delivery in Melbourne that will help ensure your plant gift arrives on time and stays healthy during transport.

The type of plant

Consider what type of plant would be best suited for your recipient’s home or work environment. For example, plant delivery may be better for succulents or cacti because they are shorter and less likely to topple over. On the other hand, plant deliveries to home can include taller plants like hibiscus that will look nice in your recipient’s window sill or on their front porch.

The size of the plant

Be sure to consider the size of plant you are requesting for delivery. Smaller plants like succulents or cacti can be transported in larger quantities and will require less care during transit than a plant with more delicate leaves like an orchid. Additionally, plant gifts that need daily misting with water may not hold up well. If this is the case, find out if there is an appropriate pot size, so the plant doesn’t dry out too quickly.

Shipping days

It is crucial to verify the days that the establishment ships because plant gift deliveries may be limited during certain times of the year. Additionally, plant gifts are not always available for immediate shipping because they need to be grown before being sent out.

To summarize, plant gift deliveries are a great way to send plant gifts when they aren’t available at your local florist or when you want the plant sent out in appropriate conditions.

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