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Ways Of Reducing Birth Defects.

Some of the birth defects that be treated by surgery or use of drugs, but its always important for the mother to make sure that she avoids risky behaviors such as drug abuse,live in a safe environment to reduce the risks of the defects and also by lowering the risk of infections by avoiding raw meat and eggs.

Some of the birth defects causes and symptoms include:

Chromosomal problem
Chromosomal defects that are caused by extra or lack of a certain chromosome. For example, lack of X chromosome cause Turner syndrome, while Down syndrome and Klinefelter syndrome is caused by extra chromosome.

Another cause is infections, whereby when the mother has virus infection such as Zika, the baby is likely to develop microcephaly which is characterized by a small brain and skull. The other cause is genetic mutation which may lead to the baby having Fragile X syndrome.

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