Vegan Tattoo Care: The Basics

It is essential to take care of tattoos, including vegan ones. Vegan tattoo care can be a little more complex than traditional tattoo care, but plenty of vegan products on the market make it easier. Here are three care tips for your vegan ink friend:

– Always use vegan ink when you get your first tattoo.

– Apply vegan ointments like Tattoo Goo or Tattoo Tears at least once per day for best results.

– Follow up with vegan lotion, like Udder Cream, to promote healing and prevent infection.

– Make sure you keep your tattoo covered and clean with a new bandage every time you change it. This will help prevent infection or irritation to the skin around your tattoo.


Keeping vegan tattoos clean and moisturized is an easy way to keep them looking bright. Make sure the tattoo care products you purchase are vegan, or they will irritate your skin and cause unnecessary pain during the healing time. If you follow this guide for tattoo care, your vegan ink should look its best until it fades away.

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