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Understanding CP Physiotherapy Treatment

CP Physiotherapy is a kind of treatment used by some patients who have suffered from any kind of orthopedic or spinal problem. The CP refers to Physical Therapy, and this type of treatment is the same as the treatment of Physical Therapy or PT. It is usually used for patients suffering from some kind of spinal injury or disease or those who have lost the ability to perform certain movements on their own and need physical support to move or do anything. Usually, CP Physiotherapy includes mild manual therapy applied to the upper part of the body, right up to the neck, or even the arms.

Normally, CP Physiotherapy is applied with the help of a physiotherapist, who is the person who knows about the spine and the parts of the body that need to be treated. After completing the course, the physiotherapist develops a CP Treatment Plan, which he/she will follow for the treatment of the patient. Once done, the therapist gives the instructions to the patient on the right way of carrying out the exercises to permanently cure their condition. Once the patient has completed the course, he/she can go back to their normal duties.

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