Types Of Water Hoses

Hoses are designed differently depending on their use. You can use them to wash your car, water hanging plans, do janitorial operations, water livestock, and water a garden. When selecting the appropriate horse to use, it’s vital to buy one that suits your needs and preferences. Experts at PumpBiz advise that you avoid buying cheap hoses because they aren’t durable and may make kinking difficult. This article discusses some types of hoses you need to know about.

  1. Garden Soaker

These hoses are mostly used for irrigation purposes. They’re manufactured from plastics and recycled rubber and have porous walls. When you turn on the water, it’ll pass through the small hose and ooze into the surrounding soil. You can place them on the ground’s bottom or bury them slightly below the surface. If you intend to use them to irrigate large vegetable beds, you may have to bury them more than 6 inches deep.

Soaker hoses come in a wide range of lengths and diameters. However, handling large hoses can be difficult because they aren’t flexible. To soften them up, let them lie under the sun for some time before installing them in the garden. These hoses are suitable for gardens having shorter lengths and level sites.

  1. Drinking Water

If you intend to use a hose to fill a pool that your kids will use or fill basins where your pets will drink from, you can use a drinking water hose. However, when using this hose, you need to ensure that it doesn’t have harmful chemicals.

Most hoses are manufactured with materials such as plasticizers, which give them flexibility. However, these materials may also have harmful chemicals like phthalates, lead, and BPA that may contaminate the hose’s water. These chemicals may not pose a threat to your plants but are very toxic to humans.

If you want to use hoses for drinking water, ensure they’re lead-free. Most of them are sold for recreational purposes and are FDA approved and have non-toxic labels. Before watering any edibles using these hoses, it’s advisable to let cold water run through them.

  1. Flat

These hoses resemble firemen’s hoses. They’re round when filled with water but flat when empty. Their lightweight makes them easy to roll up. Most people prefer buying flat hoses because they’re easy to store. However, without a reel, it may be quite challenging to store them appropriately.

If you’ve purchased a flat hose before buying a reel, ensure it fits well with the one to buy. These hoses are flexible because they are created from kinks, punctures, and vinyl.  These components make them lower burst pressure. If you want them to function well, avoid pulling them around corners and ensure you unroll the whole horse before turning on the tap.

They’re best used on a surface without several snugs. It’s not advisable to use them frequently in the garden.


Hoses are essential components of a home because they help transfer water from one point to the other. Without them, it would not be easy to irrigate your garden and fill pools. However, it’s vital to select a hose that’ll suit your specific tastes and preferences.

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