The Best Major League Baseball Teams Ever

When you’re trying to consider the best baseball leagues in Major League Baseball, you have an awful lot of information to consider. After all, baseball has been going on and leagues have been doing outstanding things for a very long time. Here’s our consideration of some of the best Major League Baseball leagues ever.

1.  New York Yankees, 1927

For one of the most famous teams in baseball, this was one of the most influential years, with household name Babe Ruth amassing an incredible 60 home runs in just a year. Hitting wasn’t the only thing that this team could do. They were also extremely competent in pitching with Ace Hoyt and Wilcy Moore. 

Anyone who knows baseball is aware of this team and how Babe Ruth contributed to this outstanding season. This is the season that made the Yankees and Babe Ruth household names.

2.  New York Yankees, 1998

Few baseball teams have a more devoted fan base than the Yankees, and the 1998 team went farther than most to make those fans very happy. Many of the players on this team were some of the best in baseball overall and they were in their prime at this time. 

David Cone, Andy Pettite, and David Wells all played their best years on this team. Halfway through Orlando Hernandez was added. With a batting order contributed by Derek Jeter and a huge range of other tremendously talented players, this is one of the most incredible times in baseball. 

The team wiped out the competition that season, with the only competition coming from Cleveland, which led to their only two losses. This was one of the most talented ever years for the Yankees.

3.  Chicago Cubs 1907

This team did an incredible job to outscored the competition this season, maintaining a stunning 1.73 ERA. They went on to the World Series where they won 116 games and played in the pantheon of best clubs. Pitching was incredible on this game, enabling 6 home runs in 5 games. Fans absolutely adored this team, especially in this groundbreaking year so near the beginning of baseball. 

4. Philadelphia Athletics 1929

This name may not sound as familiar as some of the others. Philadelphia used to have two baseball teams, with the Athletics being the primary team. This team did an incredible job pitching and hitting this year, with Jimmy Fox hitting .354  and a mind-blowing 33 home runs. Al Simmons was also an incredible player on this team, with 34 home runs and a .356 batting average. 

5.  Baltimore Orioles 1970

This team did some groundbreaking some performance this year, with 108 wins. Much of their success was thanks to the pitching, which was absolutely extraordinary this year. There were three players who won 120 games in this rotation, offering an absolutely stellar pitching squad. 

6. Cincinnati Reds 1975

The Reds absolutely wiped out 1975 in the time of the Big Red Machine. They won six national league west division titles and a couple of World Series titles as well. There were 840 home runs in 1975 and the Boston Red Sox were thoroughly defeated. This team was home to some very powerful batters like Joe Morgan, who stole 67 bases with a .327 batting average, and Pete Rose with over 200 hits.

7.  New York Mets 1986

This stunning lineup enabled the Mets to win 108 games in 1986. The whole team hit a .263 during the season and were first in the National League. The Mets also were able to beat Boston in the world series this year. The pitching staff was led by a 21-year-old Dwight Gooden, who maintained an era of 2.84 and helped propel this team’s success this year.

8.  Detroit Tigers, 1984

This is a lesser-known team that none the less was able to achieve wipeout success in 1984 with 104 wins. Lance Parrish was the primary strong suit of the team with 33 home runs. Kirk Gibson also did an incredible season with 27 home runs. Pitching staff didn’t hurt the team success as well, thanks to Jack Morris, Dan Petry, and Milt Wilcox, all with at least 15 games for the team.

9. St Louis Cardinals, 1967

In this year, the Cardinals really had something going on. Legends like Lou Brock and Bob Gibson defined this team. Orlando Cepeda was the most valuable player of the national league with an OPS of .923 and 25 home runs. Winning the world series against a very difficult to beat Boston Red Sox.

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