Recruitment Agency In Saudi Arabia: Process, Tips

Are you looking for a recruitment agency in Saudi Arabia? Want to know what the recruitment process is like there? Read on!

How is the recruitment process in Arabia Saudita?

The recruitment process is not the same everywhere. In Saudi Arabia, recruitment agencies are used to make recruitment more accessible and faster. These companies help with everything from finding candidates for a specific job opening to bringing them in front of their client company during recruitment interviews.

What are the most popular recruitment agencies?

Some recruitment agencies are very well known and have a high success rate. They provide recruitment services both locally and internationally, so they can offer you the opportunity to hire people from all over the world:
– Al Tamimi Group
– Amwal Al Khaleej Company Ltd

How much does this service cost?

The recruitment agency will have a fee. The most common is the percentage of the first-year salary that you are going to pay them. It is not only one, and it can be negotiated as well:
– 30% – 45%, depending on many factors, including work experience
– up to 60% for senior or international recruitment positions
You can check the websites of these agencies to see all the advantages they have to offer you.

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