Preserving A Vintage 3-Piece Tweed Suit

Vintage clothing is a remarkable find for the lucky person. Finding a garment that hasn’t been moth eaten or dry rotted is the first exception. The next is finding a garment that has all its accessories: button, snaps, zipper teeth, etc. A tweed 3 piece suit vintage would be nothing short of a small miracle to find in good condition.

But such a find in your size would be even more remarkable. If you are lucky enough to locate such an item. You should go out of your way to make sure this find is protected from damage or degradation in the future.

Have it dry cleaned at a very reputable cleaner. Do not store it in a room that gets direct sunlight. But do not place it in a plastic storage bag as it may wrinkle, and they may set in the fabric. Instead, place it in a cloth garment bag with natural cedar balls. Well preserved clothing has been known to last 400 years.

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