Online Yoga Teacher Training Review

The high demand for yoga classes means that there is also a high demand for teachers. If you are planning to transition from practitioner to instructor, then you need to study just like with everything else. Years of practice is a great foundation but it’s not enough. You need to earn your certification by completing courses that adhere to industry standards. These come in 200, 300, and 500-hour lengths. Certified individuals will have a better chance of getting hired by yoga studios. You will have more confidence to others. Face-to-face classes are the norm but you may also try online courses. Read online yoga teacher training review posts to see what others are saying about these.

Learn Anywhere, Anytime

Many prefer the convenience of online classes. These are mainly composed of pre-recorded lectures which students can stream when they are ready to learn. They are available anywhere, anytime. They could watch these while at home or on vacation. They can squeeze in an hour in the morning and another hour at night.

Self-paced Learning

If they encounter difficult concepts, then students can pause and rewind as much as they want. If they need to do something else, then they can stop and come back to the lecture another day. They can schedule regular study time throughout the week. They might also focus on their work during weekdays and do most of their studies during weekends. They can change it up as they go. There is no need to adhere to a rigid schedule.

Cheaper than In-person Training

These online trainings tend to cost less than in-person trainings. There is no need to book a studio or pay for the teacher’s time throughout the course. They simply record this once, do some editing, and make it available through their website.

Direct Feedback from Mentor

Aside from the recorded videos, mentors may also have virtual meetings with students to provide them with direct feedback regarding their progress and learnings.

Community Access

Some of these courses will come with access to the community of learners where prospective teachers can talk to each other and provide support.

Immediate Start

Since all of the course materials are available online, enrollees can download the manuals immediately and stream the videos right away. There is no need to wait for a start date. They can make use of their free time and finish the course as quickly as they can.

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