Know this before you Sext

As technology gives us more freedom, it’s difficult for mobile users to resist the most blatant expression of that freedom: sexting. According to some surveys, approximately 40% of all teenagers have exchanged or posted erotic texts. 22% of teen girls and 18% of teen boys have been sent nude or semi-nude images. Sexting is fun, daring, and even liberating in specific ways.

You may not know it, but once a nude photo of yourself is uploaded to the internet (in the cloud, on WhatsApp message, or email), it becomes potentially available for mass dissemination, regardless of how secure you believe the image is stored.

Internet security experts warn that private photos can be leaked into the public domain in various ways, including virally. While the internet has been overrun with intimate photographs never intended for public consumption, we are just now beginning to understand the consequences of sexting.

But you can be a step ahead by knowing who your sexting partner is—don’t dish out sensitive information anyhow. If you learn to sext (the right way), you’ll be miles ahead in this game.


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