Introducing A New Product: Jet Ski Impeller

A jet ski impeller is a simple device that attaches to jet skis, enabling them to propel themselves forward. The jet ski impeller creates thrust by spinning the water around it in a whirlpool motion.

The jet engine is located on the back of the jet ski and drives the jet propeller at high speed. This propels water backward over the surface of the jet ski’s stern (rear end) and pushes it forwards through its venturi tube (a pipe with an opening smaller than its diameter). The water then exits out into a spiral-shaped nozzle or ‘spinner,’ which directs it downwards onto one side of each blade, causing these blades to rotate round in opposite directions at high speeds.

When the jet ski is stopped, the jet engine keeps on spinning. This allows it to be used as an auxiliary power source for a boat or ship by being coupled to its transmission system via a rubber coupling.

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