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How To Help An Alcoholic Get Sober: 3 Tips

In recent years, alcoholism has been a growing problem in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that alcohol is a factor in one-third of all driving fatalities. In addition to this sobering statistic, alcohol plays a role in about half of suicides and homicides. Alcoholism can also lead to many other health issues such as cancer or brain damage from long-term abuse. The good news is that there are ways of helping alcoholics get sober when they have decided it’s time to do so. Here are three tips on helping someone who wants to stop drinking:

Remove all alcohol from their home

This might seem like common sense, but people with addiction problems often use whatever means they have to get the substance they are addicted to. If you take it away, they can’t use it.

Provide them with a safe place to stay

This is especially important if your loved one has suffered from alcohol-related accidents or injuries in the past. It’s easy for someone who isn’t sober yet to try and get to the hospital only to realize they don’t have a ride.

Allow them some time alone but with support nearby

This is especially true if your loved one has children or other dependents who rely on them for care and financial support. Sometimes an alcoholic will be tempted to drink again if they fear their family might suffer from a lack of funds or care. It’s essential to help them find a way to continue providing for their family, even if they cannot do so in the same ways anymore.

If someone close to you is an alcoholic, it’s important not to push them away or treat them differently than before. They may be in a vulnerable place and could use any friends who offer support instead of judgment.

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