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How To Get Custom Seat Covers For Your Car

If you are looking for custom seat covers, then look no further.

1) How does this work?

The cover experts at CoverKing have the perfect custom seat covers to help protect your investment. Whether you are looking for custom car seat covers or custom truck seat covers, we will be able to provide these and more! After that, please send us a photo of the front and backside of each piece of upholstery in question (front passenger’s side door panel). We’ll take care of everything else!

2) How much do these covers cost?

Custom covers for your car can cost anywhere from $100 and up based on the make and model of your vehicle. We custom fit all our custom truck seats so they won’t slide around, even when you’re in a tight turn or going over rough terrain. They are made out of material that is strong and very flexible to prevent wearing at high-stress areas such as where people typically sit.

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