Find Some Cool Bong Stickers

Some people are so fond of their personal glass work that they will decorate the sides with stickers. While unspecific stickers have been used a long time for this purpose, try visiting an online site that sells cool bong stickers that beautify and personalize an already personal item. They might not add any extra function, but surely do contribute to a style and atmosphere. Colors, patterns, and picture are available in an enormous variety. Enjoy expressing yourself because being unique is the point all along.

Stickers on glass do not pose much risk of melting or burning because the heat is passed through water and completely cool before reaching the base of the glass bulb. These stickers should last a long time and will wear off from abrasion before being bothered by heat. If these stickers ever do get a little bit frayed, it is all part of the aesthetic because that glass was meant to be used.

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