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Coming Up With Social Media Content Ideas

These days when it comes to staying in touch, sharing life events and advertising a product or service, social media is king.

A social media site is basically a website where users can create a profile, add friends, associates and favorite businesses and share anything they want with those followers. There are many social media sites out there but a few stand out from the rest. The best ones are the ones who have the most users and are in line with your values, beliefs and hobbies.

When it comes to social media content ideas, the possibilities are endless. You can share photos, vacation itineraries, poetry, daily status updates, writings, opinions and virtually anything you want to share with your followers and the world. Of course, you can select who sees your posts on most sites through your settings. There are two ways to post on social media. You can create your own post and share it or you can post on someone else’s status.

If you have a product or service you would like to get out to the world but are having trouble coming up with social media content ideas to get the word out, there are some ways to make this process easier.

First of all, do some brainstorming and keep a document aside for these notes so you can return to them. Ask yourself these questions when doing this brainstorm:
1. what is my product
2. how will my product or service help people
3. who is my audience what are their likes and dislikes

Next, start posting some basic posts on various social media sites that introduce you and your life and build up to talk about your product or service. Start building your list of followers by carefully selecting people and other businesses to follow you.

When posting, make sure to take search engine optimization into account and use language that your audience understands. Beautiful images are what capture the eye first but it’s your content, keywords and hashtags that will get your post found shared. Speaking of sharing, studies have shown that simply asking your followers to share a post actually results in more shares.

Once you brainstormed and learned the technicalities of sharing on social media, ideas will start flowing. Post about your daily walk and what you saw along the way. Post a new recipe you tried. Conduct a poll related to your product or service. Ask your followers a question to start a conversation. Share relevant articles from other followers.

Social media has the power to make or break your business and when it comes to using it to get recognition, the possibilities are endless.

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