Can Uber be Sued for an Accident?

Taxicab services such as Uber have made our lives easier and commuting from one place to another as simple as the click of a button. Uber provides a valuable service by helping customers commute while supporting drivers to earn extra cash. Your Uber driver may be careful and experienced during your trip, but accidents can happen at any time and in any place. Understanding the liability in such cases is important if you want to claim compensation for your injuries. With this additional information provided by Ellis Injury Law, you’ll be much more prepared to undertake a lawsuit with Uber.

Uber’s Liability in an Accident

Uber has a policy to screen all their car drivers and drivers are required to carry a valid insurance. But Uber does not always watch them to ensure they are constantly driving safely. This limitation in Uber’s policy has led to some terrible accidents in the past. In the case of such accidents, the ability to sue Uber depends on the state laws in which the accident has occurred as well as the circumstances which caused the accident. Uber’s record for integrity and honesty in their policies have not been very positive for the last several years. Hence, suing Uber as a company is possible but you are unlikely to succeed as all Uber drivers are appointed as independent contractors, and not as Uber employees.

What is the difference between Independent Contractors and Employees?

An independent contractor has a contractual relationship with a large company but is actually a self-employed individual. The parent company only pays the contractor for the services they provide. This business model is similar to that of a traditional taxi service, with the difference that drivers use their own vehicles. Since an Uber driver is an independent contractor, it is hard to sue Uber directly if the driver is at fault in an accident. If the passenger suffered injuries due to the accident, the victim would have to file a lawsuit directly against the driver to recover remuneration for their injuries.

Uber has mandatory auto insurance for its drivers where Uber provides up to $1 million insurance coverage for accidents that occur while carrying a passenger despite Uber drivers being independent contractors. Uber also provides insurance coverage to drivers if the Uber app is activated on the driver’s phone. The coverage limits may be lower if the driver is not completing an Uber trip but they are still covered to some extent. Thus, Uber drivers have coverage as if employees, but legally they are independent contractors.

How can a Good Car Accident Lawyer help you?

If you or your loved one have been injured in an accident while riding an Uber the best recourse is to take legal help immediately. Having a good car accident lawyer by your side is necessary when handling an accident as Uber drivers are insured, which makes it more difficult for you to receive compensation. A professional lawyer with experience in car accidents can help you understand the complexity of Uber’s policies, the legalities of the lawsuit, and support you in fighting against the aggressive strategies applied by insurance companies to reduce or deny your compensation.

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