A Cell Tower Ground Lease

A cell tower ground lease usually involves giving either an undeveloped section of your property to either a cell tower servicing company or directly to your cellular wireless carrier, who subleases/markets the land to occupy to you during the term lease. There are many benefits to leasing your land rather than purchasing it outright and many disadvantages as well. You would be making an environmentally friendly choice by leasing instead of purchasing, even if the purchase price is substantially higher than your initial investment.

Many people choose to lease instead of buying because there are no significant upfront costs.

There are several different options available when considering Cell Tower Ground Leases from various property owners, landowners, or the cellular wireless carriers themselves.

Once you have decided to lease or market your property, the next step is to market your property to the proper tenant market. You may not always know what kind of tenants will be looking for your property, so you need to do some research before approaching a Cell Tower Ground Lease company or a landowner about leasing your property.

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