3 Reasons To Get A Cover Tattoo

Deciding to get a cover tattoo is usually back and forth decision… until you finally make it. If you are having a hard time deciding, here are 3 reasons that getting the work done might be worth it…

You got a name tattoo you don´t like so much now.

Kevin turned out to be less than ink-worthy? Maybe it is time to let that memory go. Especially if it bothers you or your significant other.

The design isn´t what you hoped.

So you got a great idea and it turned out sub par? It happens. A cover tat can take something you think is just ok and turn it into something that you love forever.

You outgrew the look.

Hey, maybe you used to bleed punk rock and now you are more of a zen yoga dude. You are in the perfect market for a cover up.

Cover tattoos scare people a little because they are afraid they ¨won´t take¨ or that they will be stuck with something bigger they hate more. Research your artist. Take a deep breathe and just get it done. You won´t regret it.

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