Your Video Surveillance Could Save a Stranger’s Life

Homeowners all across the country are beefing up security by installing video surveillance cameras, smart doorbells, and other devices. Home security companies often market by reminding consumers of their need to keep their families safe. The need is very real. But does home security stop there?

The security systems of old were limited in their capabilities. As such, a typical system did a particularly good job of protecting the home without helping much beyond that property. Things have changed as technology has improved.

With the technology now available to consumers, a single home’s security system could benefit an entire neighborhood. Take the case of a Las Vegas assault that occurred during the early morning hours of January 1, 2020. A video surveillance camera installed at the front door of a local home led to the arrest of a criminal and quite possibly saved a woman’s life.

An Image and a Name

It was just before 2 AM when a homeowner attending a New Year’s Eve party at another location was alerted to movement in front of his Las Vegas home. The man pulled out his cell phone and observed a woman being attacked by a man at his front door.

The woman was a complete stranger. Nonetheless, the man contacted police and sent them a copy of the video footage. It turned out that the video provided key information that led to the attacker’s arrest.

Because this particular video feed also included audio, police were able to hear the woman say “Darnell” during the struggle. If nothing else, they had a name. But then they did some digging around and discovered that a 911 call had come in earlier in the evening from a woman claiming to be abused by her boyfriend. Guess what the boyfriend’s name was?

An investigation determined that Darnell and his girlfriend were involved in a domestic dispute at a New Year’s Eve party in another neighborhood. After leaving the party, the dispute escalated to a point that the woman jumped out of the car in search of help. That is when she approached the house with the video camera.

Video footage clearly showed the woman, her boyfriend, and the couple’s white car. When police apprehended the boyfriend, they identified him as the man in the video.

Investigative Clues and Court Evidence

The video in question is quite shocking to watch. But when you get past the shock, you can begin to understand that the video footage proved extremely helpful on two fronts. First, it provided police with investigative clues that enabled them to eventually make an arrest.

Second, the video will act as powerful evidence in the court room. How hard will it be to get a conviction once the jury hears the audio and sees the suspect’s image for themselves? It is difficult to imagine him being acquitted.

Vivint Smart Home, a company that distributes home security equipment in Las Vegas and around the country, says that video surveillance cameras are now among the most important tools for effective home security. They recommend every home have at least one camera, if not several.

Las Vegas police would probably agree with that. In fact, police agencies all across America believe in the power of home video surveillance. They increasingly encourage homeowners to install video cameras to protect themselves, provide police with investigative tools, and generate evidence that can be used to gain convictions in court.

Most important of all is the reality that video footage could save someone’s life. Maybe yours, or maybe a stranger’s. Both are equally important.

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