Your Mamba Sweatshirt Is A Tribute To Kobe

The Mamba sweatshirt is a tribute to Kobe Bryant, the Los Angeles Lakers point guard that served in that position for 20 years. He died in a helicopter crash with his basketball-playing teenage daughter in January 2020. There was nationwide mourning for the loss of the retired basketball star, who was only 41 at the time of his death.

The emblem screen printed, painted, or embroidered on a sweatshirt will depict one of several tributes to “Mamba Out”, which was Kobe’s signature goodbye statement. Kobe had created an alter-ego known as the Black Mamba, which he used to build himself up in times of challenge.

The mamba symbols are varied. They range from displaying the words, “Mamba Mentality”, “Black Mamba”, “Mamba Out”, and “Mamba Forever”. Orange County has declared August 24th as Kobe Bryant day, so the date ‘8:24’also reflects a tribute to him. The 24th is the day after his birthday.

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