Why You Should Always Keep Freeze Dried Fruits

Fresh fruit is nutritious and delicious, but it’s not always readily available, and it can be difficult to carry when hiking, biking, or traveling. When carrying bulky fresh fruit is too cumbersome or when a particular type of fruit is out of season, freeze dried fruits are the perfect alternative.

When fruits are freeze-dried and packaged, most of the water has been removed, but most of the vitamins and nutrients are still preserved. Freeze-drying gives the fruit longer shelf life. Fruits that are freeze-dried taste like fruit but have a different texture, which is more like a chip.

Freeze-dried apples, bananas, and other fruits are perfect when hiking, or cycling, or just taking a long walk because they are lightweight, easy to store and carry, and provide energy and nutrition for your outdoor activities. They also are great for those times when fresh fruit is out of season and hard to find.

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