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Why DNS Filtering Is Important: 3 Reasons

DNS filtering is a technique used to prevent DNS queries from accessing domains, and DNS servers deemed undesirable. DNS filtering has become an important method for preventing attacks such as DNS cache poisoning. The DNS server is tricked into providing false information about which domain name corresponds with a given IP address. This article will discuss three reasons why using DNS Filtering in your networks will benefit your network:

1) DNS filtering can be used to protect against DNS hijacking, where someone other than the intended user can access data on a network.

2) DNS Filtering reduces clutter on the network because it keeps unnecessary DNS queries from being made, which means there are fewer DNS requests that need to be processed by DNS servers and less traffic on your network.

3) To maintain system stability. DNS filtering is the best way to ensure DNS servers handle DNS requests.


DNS filtering is a powerful DNS security tool because it can protect against DNS hijacking, reduce network clutter and maintain system stability.

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