Who is More Likely to Get Cancer?

If you had the option, chances are pretty much 100% that you would choose not to get cancer.

We’ve seen the research. We’ve heard the stories. We’ve had personal experiences with cancer and how it impacts families and communities.

Cancer is such a common issue that there are places like Cancer Center that are your one-stop-shop for everything cancer related: helplines, community platforms, insurance help, medical contacts, coping strategies, and so on.

We also all have heard those age-old pieces of advice on how to increase your chances of not getting cancer. Don’t smoke. Don’t drink. Don’t go outside in the sun for too long. Don’t have your cellphone near you.

But yet thousands of people who follow the above advice still get cancer.

So who really is more likely to become a cancer patient? Well, we’ve discovered seven habits that research has linked to raising your chances of developing cancer.

  1. Drinking hot (like scorching hot) tea

This one sounds super weird, but research has shown that if your tea is too hot, it can burn your esophagus, which could lead to cancer. We aren’t saying that drinking tea is bad for you. In fact, tea is shown to de-stress the body and strengthen the immune system. But when the tea is too hot, it literally burns your internal organs and makes it more susceptible to bad cells to creep their way in.

  1. Not getting enough movement during the day

Studies are showing that people who don’t get enough exercise throughout the day increase their risk of getting cancer by nearly 10%! The details of this are not exactly known yet, but the studies are enough for us to say that you should be prioritizing movement throughout your day, every single day!

  1. Second-hand smoke

So you’re not a smoker. But you can still get the same damage to your lungs that cause lung cancer thanks to second-hand smoke. Whether that smoke is coming from a group of smokers you are sitting next too or too many sessions on the grill master for that BBQ, people who are exposed to second-hand smoke are at severe risk of getting cancer.

  1. Plastic surgery

While not all people who get plastic surgery get cancer, studies are showing that women who in particularly get breast transplants eventually form breast cancer. While the link is still low, it is enough for us to recommend that you think twice about the risk factors involved to simply increase your boob size by a letter or two.

  1. People who are taller

While you can’t control how tall you are, numerous studies are showing links to cancer rates in taller people. The statistics are eye-opening! For every four inches of height that a person has based on the average height of humans, they are 10x more likely to get cancer—specifically colon cancer. The height is said to have some direct link to how organs also grow and making them more likely to develop cancer cells.

  1. Obesity and unhealthy diets

How much you weigh and what you fuel your body with have direct links to how functional your organs are. If you are doing damage to these organs, research is showing that they are more likely to get invaded by cancerous cells. In general, the research is encouraging people to maintain a healthy weight and diet so that they have a less likely chance of becoming a cancer patient.

While these six types of people have been shown to be more likely to get cancer, they are not the only ones! There is still \research being done in terms of what causes cancer and how to minimize your risk. But being aware of these six factors is a good way to start!

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