What Is The Connection Between Toxins And Birth Defects?

Did you know that toxic birth defects are on the rise? It has been reported that every hour, a baby is born in America with toxic exposure. In this informative article, we will discuss toxic exposure and how it can affect your unborn child.

1) When this problem occurs?

Toxic congenital disabilities happen when toxic chemicals and toxic materials enter the mother’s body. These substances can cross through to the placenta, which is a sac that surrounds your baby in-utero. In some cases, these toxins may not cause any harm to your unborn child; however, there are many times where it does result in damage or death of the fetus. The effects from toxic exposure depend on what toxic material was exposed during pregnancy and how long you were exposed for – both of which will impact whether or not prenatal developmental disorders take place within an infant after they have been born into this world.

2) How can we prevent this problem?

-It is essential that women of childbearing age need to know the toxic exposure risks they may be facing when it comes to living in a home or workplace location where these chemicals are present.
-Avoiding toxic exposure during pregnancy is something every woman should make a priority, whether they live with someone who works around toxic materials or not. This can help reduce their risk of having an infant dealing with long-term toxic congenital disabilities. There are some cases where prenatal exposure does take place. Then children deal with development disorders later on, such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), ADHD, learning disabilities, and more severe cognitive conditions like cerebral palsy, which impact body movement coordination and balance abilities before and after being born into this world.
Consult your physician for more information.

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