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What Is Elopement Photography? A Few Things To Consider

Maui elopement photography is a type of wedding photography that involves photographing couples getting married without the help of any other people. This type of event can happen anywhere globally, but Maui offers some fantastic places to get married.

Lower Cost

This type of photography doesn’t require many people, which means it’s cheaper than traditional weddings. This doesn’t mean you should book one just because it costs less. You need to know that your wedding will look exactly how you want it before making a decision!

Different Style

Elopements are all about simplicity and intimacy, which means they have their unique style compared to other types of weddings. This means that the kind you want for pictures may not be available.


You can find beautiful locations all over Maui with lots of different features and landscapes. You can have your elopement on the Maui coast, in waterfalls, and much more!


Elopements are a private affair which means you’ll take all of the time you need for pictures. This is perfect if there’s someplace you particularly want to shoot or if you have multiple outfits.

Elopement photography is a way to capture a very special time in someone’s life. There are so many beautiful Maui locations that can be used for this type of photography, and it makes the perfect addition to any wedding!

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