What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Air Ducts?

When was the last time you inspected your air ducts or called in an HVAC repair in Norfolk to do so? Maybe months? You aren’t alone! Most homeowners tend to forget about their HVAC unit’s air ducts until they have to deal with some sort of breakdown. Just like all other appliances and parts of an HVAC unit, the air ducts also need proper maintenance. Read on to learn about the many ways unclean air ducts could affect you and your family.

In order to understand how important it is to keep your unit clean, it pays to know the kind of contaminants that could be lurking in your air ducts. You would be surprised by the variety of contaminants that can be trapped in the system.

Pet Dander: All you pet owners out there, this one is for you. If you have a dog or cat that spends most of its time huddled indoors with you, it is likely that pet dander will not just end up on your furniture but is also sure to enter your duct system too. In fact, you could be breathing in pet dander as you read this post.

Dust Mites: Dust mites are everywhere. While you take immense care to dust your furniture, mop the floors and vacuum your carpets, do not forget that dust mites and dust settle into your air ducts. This is another reason why ducts need to be cleaned regularly to protect your family from breathing contaminated air.

Waste and Rodent Remains: Unbeknown to many homeowners, air ducts are a perfect haven for rodents and other pests. This is more the case when these ducts are left untouched for months. Another important to get the air ducts on your HVAC unit cleaned from time to time.

Mold and Mildew: Mildew and mold are a real problem when it comes to air ducts and HVAC units. Over time, condensation can set up in your ducts and leave behind residue to promote the growth of mildew and mold. These tiny spores then break off when gusts of air pass through the ducts and sweep them into your living space. These spores could be inhaled and cause numerous allergies.

What Can These Contaminants Do to Your Health?

Dirty air ducts can make you sick, very sick! The impact can range from minor health issues such as a sniffle to major ailments such as asthma. Sinus conditions, unexplained fatigue, breathing issues, and dry skin are just a few of the many issues you can deal with if you breathe in contaminated air.

Now you can see the importance of getting your air ducts cleaned from time to time. If you have no experience cleaning out air ducts or simply do not want to get your hands dirty, make a call to a company that offers furnace repair inNorfolk. Sinclaire Home Services is one of the best HVAC service providers in Norfolk, offering quality service and ensuring customer satisfaction. Contact us today at (508) 668-8200.

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