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What Causes Toxic Birth Defects?

Toxic birth defects are caused by a woman being exposed to toxic chemicals in the environment during pregnancy. This type of chemical exposure can have significant and lasting detrimental impacts on the lives if children and can cause diseases that affect them in adulthood.

Studies have shown that almost all women in the US are exposed to measurable levels of certain types of toxins which are present in their bodies and that can cause threats to the development of the fetus during pregnancy. These chemicals include bispheonl-A (BPA), phthalates and certain types of flame retardants. Men can also play a role in this since their sperm is also weakened by toxic chemicals that negatively influences egg fertilization. In addition toxic chemicals can cause testicular cancer in men. Other chemicals that can potentially cause birth defects include mercury, lead, certain pesticides, PCBs and solvents among others.

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