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What Are The Benefits Of Atlanta Security Cameras

Atlanta Security Cameras are a great way to keep your Atlanta business safe. These cameras can help you protect assets, employees, customers, and reputation. With crime in Atlanta on the rise, companies need to take proactive steps to secure their facilities by installing security cameras.

– The first step when installing Atlanta Security Cameras is selecting the right camera type. Three types of cameras are commonly used:

– Dome Cameras have a dome-shaped lens which provides an all-around view of an area, making them perfect for warehouses or large buildings with high ceilings. They also offer 360-degree rotation and a wide viewing angle.

– Pan Tilt Zoom cameras are ideal since they can zoom in on objects, provide 360-degree rotation and allow users to pan & tilt from an internal control panel or remotely via mobile device or computer.

– IP Network Surveillance Camera is another type of camera. This type of camera differs from the other two in that it is not a traditional camera and uses an IP address rather than a coaxial cable or RG59.

In conclusion, Atlanta security cameras are used to monitor Atlanta homes, businesses, and properties. They provide multiple benefits, including remote viewing capabilities via computer or mobile device.

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