What Are Global Goals?

In 2015, the UN General Assembly adopted the Agenda for Sustainable Development 2030 which sets out 17 global goals that provide an all-encompassing approach to sustainable development that ensures no class of people are excluded. In keeping with this philosophy, 11 of these sustainable development goals also explicitly reference disabled people especially in goals that relate to education, employment, equality, access to housing and monitoring of the success of their implementation.

The 17 sustainable development goals are as follows:

1. Ending poverty
2. Ensuring people have food security
3. Assuring people’s health and well-being
4. Access to quality education for all
5. Equality between genders
6. Availability of clean water and sanitation
7. Access to affordable, renewable energy
8. Opportunities for employment and economic growth
9. Innovation in industry and infrastructure
10. Reducing inequality
11. Building sustainable cities and communities
12. Fostering responsible consumption and production
13. Taking action on climate challenges
14. Protecting life below water
15. Protecting life on land
16. Fostering peace and justice through strong institutions
17. Fostering partnerships to achieve the goals

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